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Dulce de Leche Cake

Posted in @thecakemum by De on 16 Aug 2017.

Ok this may quite possibly be the laziest blog ever. It's a link to the recipe which I love. It's by Rachel Allen, I do adore her cake recipes - especially this one. So much so, that I baked it for my birthday. it's a few years since I made it last, and I have been wanting to bake it again for a while. My birthday - my choice of cake. Bingo! 

I was tempted to put a salted caramel twist on it, but decided to keep it as is, so that the kids would be guaranteed to like it too. Next time, eh! 

Note: this recipe contains nuts in the form of ground almonds, but I'm sure if you replaced them with flour it would still work well.


Happy Baking!

De (aka The Cake Mum)